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Luxury for the Modern Woman

Pictured: Olivia, Mini Capri, Capri

Pictured: Olivia, Mini Capri, Capri

Taylor Morgan products are effortlessly luxurious. With our busy schedules, it is sometimes too time-consuming to perfectly accessorize our ensembles, but what woman doesn't want that extra dazzle to elevate an outfit to perfection. That is why Taylor Morgan products are carefully crafted to embody an effortless yet chic vibe. 


We understand that having to constantly take off and put on your jewelry can be such a pain, which is why 99% of our products are 14k gold filled. Gold filled is easy to care for and has a lifespan of about ten years before it starts to tarnish. It is constructed in two or three layers and typically has a core of jewelers' brass. All of Taylor Morgan chains are 14k gold filled. A few of our pendants are gold plated, which is a brass base that has a minuscule layer of solid gold over it. Gold plating can tarnish quickly, especially if exposed to water, sun, or sweat. 


Everyday wear of your Taylor Morgan jewelry is susceptible to slight discoloration, so we recommend cleaning your products with mild soap and water. Sterling silver pieces can be cleaned with a cloth or silver solution.


All products are proudly #MadeInLA